Thursday, 11 October 2012

Special reasons to go for a walk - a statement

We’re sorry that one of our adverts promoting the Great British Walk has caused offence.

This particular advert was inspired by a story from user generated content where we asked people what special places made them happy and why. A story about a proposal at a special place was one of them.
When we were planning our campaign to promote the Great British Walk it got us thinking about other motivations for going for a walk in special places, and when we started asking, we realised that ‘fresh air’ and ‘fitness’ weren’t always top of the list.
So to get people thinking, talking and hopefully going for a walk, we produced a series of ads to show some of the other reasons. Proposing to someone is just one of the 12 reasons that we use in our advertising, along with catching up with old friends, avoiding DIY and finding conkers.

We also ran this advert which shows a group of children who have climbed a tree to spot conkers and we’re also running radio adverts which talk about some of the other reasons people might go for a walk. You can listen to an example here:

We realise now that this ad looks a little out of context, and will think about that in future when planning our campaigns. 
To help us uncover other reasons why people enjoy walks or what their secret motivations might be, we’d love to hear your suggestions. And if we get a new idea, we will try to add it into our radio advertising.

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