Friday, 28 September 2012

A trip on the Pride of Kent

It was an unusual day at the office today as a some of our London and South East team spent a day on the high seas! With thanks to P&O we spent the afternoon on "The Pride of Kent" telling a range of our key contacts about what we take pride in, in Kent. There are certainly a lot of things that we are proud of in the county ranging from beautiful country homes, to rolling countryside and stunning coastlines.

Here are our special guests waiting to board The Pride of Kent at Dover intrigued as to why they have been invited.
Picture by Simon Apps

MEP Richard Ashworth with our regional director Hilary McGrady as the Pride of Kent leaves Dover Harbour for Calais.
Picture by Simon Apps

Hilary McGrady
, speaking to guests onboard The Pride of Kent as they sail past the White Cliffs of Dover

Picture by Simon Apps
Onboard The Pride of Kent, Hilary McGrady answers questions from the deck as the cliffs disappear from sight.

Picture by Simon Apps

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