Saturday, 28 July 2012

Behind the scenes at Box Hill: Soaking up the atmosphere

It's lap seven of the nine laps being ridden today at Box Hill. We've been out to watch the incredible teams flash by, and are now back in the office watching on TV cheering on Team GB.

Before the race started, our media team went out to capture some of the fantastic atmosphere created by fans from all over the world. Here's our highlights:

A fan gets into the Olympic spirit. ©Brian Cleckner

A family watches the action on a big screen ©Brian Cleckner

Our special Adonis blue stickers that celebrate the wildlife that make Box Hill so special. ©Brian Cleckner

A view of the crowd from the air ©Brian Cleckner

Brian and Kevin, our camera team ©Brian Cleckner

Our London Marketing and Communications consultant Laura, learns how to be a boom mike operator

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