Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Being a sea monster...

Here's Alex from our team getting all inspired by our sea monsters above on her recent holiday:

Photo: Sandy Scott

We're hoping our sea monsters will surprise you with the wide range of places we look after in the London and South East region, and hopefully inspire you to find out more.  

So you want to be a sea monster...
We look after 30 miles of coastline in our region including: Birling Gap (pebble beach), East Head (sand dunes – non NT car park), White Cliffs of Dover (cliff tops), ComptonBay, Isle of Wight (sandy beach), St Helen's Duver (sandy beach) and Needles Headland, Isle of Wight, (cliff tops).

Why not visit and practice your sea monster roar? If you'd like to dress up in the sea weed like Alex and the sea monsters in our advert, please can you leave it at the beach when you're finished. Seaweed is part of the habitat at the beach, and it will get really smelly if you take it home. If you're worried that dressing up in seaweed might not be very hygienic, it's no more dangerous than making sandcastles on the beach.

Beach not for you?

Maybe you think your happy place is more likely to be found in wild woods or beautiful gardens? Well, we look after lots of those as well. You can find out more about places near you on our website.

We'd love to see picture of any woodland trolls or fairy dens you might make!

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